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Natsource researches, formulates and distributes cultivation products, biostimulants and fertilizing materials for professional use on all types of crops and itineraries.

We support agricultural players in their drive towards more sustainable, environmentally-friendly production, at lower cost.

All our products are selected for their agronomic performance and price.

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Selected inputs for your crops

Natsource offers fertilizers, biostimulants and soil improvers tailored to meet the specific needs of your crops. Natsource inputs provide the right balance of essential plant nutrients, promote healthy growth, stimulate plants and maximize yields.

Biostimulants are substances that improve abiotic stress resistance and crop health, and promote root growth and flower and fruit development. Soil conditioners are added to the soil to improve its physical properties, such as fertility, structure and water retention capacity. Fertilizers provide nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, with an NPK adapted to the crop's stage of development. They also correct micro-nutrient deficiencies.

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From manufacturer to producer, Natsource sources and distributes the best products on the market.

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Natsource products comply with French and European standards. Where necessary, they are certified for use in organic farming.

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At your request, we work with our technical partners to develop fertilization and bio-stimulation solutions to your specifications.