Copper gluconate

  • Copper complexed with gluconic acid
  • Systemic action
  • Recorded copper metal
  • For use in Organic Agriculture


Foliar route : 

  • Preventive treatment: 150-200 ml/hl

  • Deficiency check: 200-300 ml/hl

Root route : 

  • Preventive treatment: 1-2 L/Ha

  • Deficiency control: 2-3 L/Ha


Compatible with most commonly used fertilizers and crop protection products, with the exception of acid-reacting products. If mixing, test first.

  • Copper (Cu): 7 % (70 g/L) complexed with gluconic acid (GA)
  • pH: 3.4
  • Density: 1.28


Available in 1-liter bottles, 5- and 20-liter cans and 1000-liter lost IBCs.

Shelf life: 2 years

  • Approved for organic farming in accordance with EC regulation 834/2007
  • Complies with EC regulation 1009/2019


Copper is an important element for crops. CUPREV offers many advantages.


CUPREV provides the copper needed to prevent and correct copper deficiencies in crops.


CUPREV has both upward and downward systemic action. Copper is available to the whole plant.


A plant with sufficient copper is better protected against fungal diseases.


Copper gluconate is a form of copper 100% that can be assimilated by crops.

Copper gluconate is a form of copper chelated with gluconic acid, an organic acid derived from glucose. This combination forms a copper complex that is more soluble and bioavailable than other forms of copper, making it more readily absorbed by plants.

In agriculture, copper gluconate is often used as a fungicide or bactericide. Its antifungal properties make it a popular choice for combating various plant diseases, such as rust, mildew and other fungal infections. It can also be used to treat the bacteria responsible for certain plant diseases.

Copper is an essential trace element for plant growth, but it's important to apply it in a controlled manner, as excess copper can be toxic to plants. Copper gluconate offers a safer option due to its better bioavailability and increased solubility compared to other forms of copper.

In summary, copper gluconate is used in agriculture as a means of supplying copper to plants, particularly to combat fungal and bacterial infections. However, it is always advisable to follow specific recommendations for use and recommended doses to avoid any risk of toxicity.